Bedroom Inspiration

Have you ever watched Rehab Addict on HGTV? I binged watched that when I went home for the holidays and have been furniture crazy ever since.
I recently moved into my new apartment and have been going bonkers over what all I need to get in order to make it as cozy as possible. Right now I've got a desk, a bookshelf, a nightstand, a rug, a fake plant, a pendant light without a bulb and a mattress on the floor. (I'm sliding off of it every night and probably inhaling dust bunnies and spiders while I'm at it.)
I've been spending my free time browsing through interior design blogs to get inspiration for my room, and then the regret starts kicking it. Seriously. There is some freakishly unexplainable aspect of interior design that I'm never going to get. Sometimes I find myself just sitting and thinking about how someone could make a room look so damn good. I wish I learned! But anyway, there's clearly a reoccurring theme in the rooms that I gravitate towards--I love hues of grey, good lighting and geometric shapes.
I'm also on the hunt for some art pieces for a gallery wall I want by my window. Let me know where all the pretty prints are because I'm struggling to find any.
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