Atheneum Adornments…..

Displayed book collections, studies and library rooms can be a wonderful and rich addition to any home, and I have always been intrigued with, and drawn to them! They are found in old world palaces, chateaus, estates, offices and many different types of homes these days throughout the world, whether in an entire room or a dedicated space within a room.
Something about the look and feel of these types of spaces is warm and compelling as they draw one in to immerse in a regal richness, personal history, decor and architecture they can hold, beckoning one to stay a while.
Library rooms/spaces can be used for many purposes including small and intimate gatherings and in many cases are a perfect place to display collections that evoke wonder, curiosity and awe!
I love this idea of placing art or framed portraits in front of book and decor collections as shown in the photo below.  Here, the portraits are propped up with small stacks of books which make them a part of the bookcase display and practically speaking, prevent putting a nail into the bookcase to hang such pictures which also gives the flexibility to easily change things around when desired!
Je l’adore!

Photo Source Unknown
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